It is important to make our website accessible to all potential users. With this in mind we have worked hard to improve the website for people with all disabilities and impairments.

The new website aims to ensure the availability of “alt text”, a simple and clear approach to online layout and improved colour contrast. We have also facilitated the use of different browsers in some ways including the removal of frames from the site. Our site works well in text-only browsers and fits the criteria for people with visual impairment.

Web standard compliance

The majority of the website’s pages conform to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Web Accessibility Initiative’s ‘AA’ standard.

This website also conforms to international guidelines for websites. HTML5, CSS 2.0, WAI WCAG Level 2 have been set as technical standards. This should make it compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers.

Changing text size

If you find the text on this website is too small or too large, you should simply adjust your browser’s settings:

If you use Internet Explorer:
Go to the View menu, select Text Size and then Larger/Largest or Smaller/Smallest.

Google Chrome:
Open the menu, select Settings, click ‘Show advanced settings’ a the bottom and look for the Web Content section. You can choose settings from ‘Very Small’ to ‘Very Large’

Mozilla Firefox:
Go to the View menu, select Text Size and choose Increase or Decrease.

Improvements and Comments

We hope that this makes the site accessible to as many users as possible but we recognise the need to continue to improve in this area.

If you have any comments or suggestions you would like to make about the website, please click here>>