Abortion Ruling “Kick in the Teeth for Stormont Politicians”

Abortion Ruling “Kick in the Teeth for Stormont Politicians”

Campaign group Fight4Equality has welcomed today’s High Court ruling which could see women granted access to abortion in cases of rape, incest or fatal foetal abnormality, describing it as “a kick in the teeth for the Stormont politicians” and saying it is “only the beginning.”

Campaign spokesperson Courtney Robinson said:

“Today’s ruling is a kick in the teeth for the Stormont politicians – both Orange and Green – who have denied women access to terminations, even in cases of sexual crime and fatal foetal abnormality. The fact that this change had to come through the courts shows that our politicians – like our abortion legislation – are stuck in the nineteenth century. As with LGBT rights, Stormont lags far behind the views of the public on this issue, with 69% of people supporting liberalisation of abortion laws.”

“This victory is only the beginning and should give confidence that we can bring about far-reaching change. We need to step up the fight to have the 1967 Abortion Act extended to Northern Ireland, to end the class divide in access to abortion and ensure all women have the right to choose. In the courts, in elections and – most importantly – on the streets, we need to build the pressure on the establishment and ensure our demands for change remain centre stage.”

Fight4Equality is a campaign initiated by Socialist Youth


Demand Safe, Free and Legal access to abortion! 
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