Here are 4 Wicked Ways For Meat Cure At Home

meat cure

Meat curing is not new, even if it is for you. The process of preserving big beef slices, duck breast, and more dates back thousands of years. People used to douse the meat into the sea or Kosher salt or even sugar, which then triggered the elimination of moisture from the grub. Here are some ways of meat cure one can try at home, just with a tad effort:

  • Equilibrium curing of meat: This is a not-so-common way of curing meat. It involves covering the meat with salt equal to around 3% of its weight. After covering the meat with salt, vacuum-seal the piece and let it rest in the refrigerator. The best thing about this method is that you retain its flavor without frittering tonnes of salt in the process.
  • Brine curing of meat: Brine curing is done via two methods. The first one involves dunking the meat in brine and putting some weight on it so it keeps to the bottom of the vessel and is placed in the refrigerator. The second method, you take a meat pump and infuse the curing solution into the meat before preparing it.
  • Dry curing of meat: This is the conventional way of meat cure. Here, a meat portion is immersed in a salt vessel completely for several days depending upon the type and size of meat. Often, to enhance the taste and flavor, certain spices and herbs are sprinkled in the dry rub.
  • Sausage curing of meat: This technique uses spices, different herbs, and curing salt that is blended with minced meat before curing it and finally putting it into the refrigerator.
  • Combination curing of meat: This curing method involves jabbing the curing fluid into the meat before putting other ingredients on the surface for preservation and finally, storing in the refrigerator.

Meat curing removes damp content from the meat through osmosis & preserves it from the blitz of microorganisms that readily thrive in wet ambience, thereby spoiling the meat. And, who would like to see their long-anticipated prosciutto getting rot? No one!