Tips for marketing underground beats

It is the point at which I will let you know somewhat about advertising your music as well as Underground beats. Explicitly what NOT to do and why. Above all else, is your music great? Is it accurate to say that you are 100% content with your melodies? If not, so you better reconsider on the off chance that you should begin getting the message out around. Since once pretty much everyone knows by now, it is out. You can possibly do initial feeling once and if that comes up short, it is awful. So pay attention to your tracks and beats, think about them and possibly hear not many thoughts somewhere else prior to busy.

legends of hiphop

Many individuals hurry into things and perhaps discharge unmixed tracks and beats and afterward tell individuals: “The better, completely blended adaptation will be out soon”. I mean let’s go, a legitimate blending/dominating can do marvels to a melody and you ought NOT to deliver unmixed tracks, ever, period and check on latest hip hop news. Just delivery melodies that you are happy with. Second of all, you have presumably been to Myspace sooner or later in your life? In case you have been there so i am certain you have seen the following thing there what I am going to say. Try not to send colossal measure of “spam” messages to individuals advising them to look at your beats/melodies. In model: “YO DUDE, I GOT SOME SICK ASS HIPHOP BEATS, SOME REAL DR. DRE SHIT!!!! Just 5 BUCKS TO LEASE!” No, no, no and negative. Would you look at his beats? Since I ensure your inbox is loaded with these sort of messages.

So how could you deal with make a message like this better? Customize it for the particular individual you are sending it to. Individuals like you looking at them first and remarking/getting some information about them. I ensure they will almost certain read your message and hit you up. How might you respond, send 100 “spam” messages and get 0-5 answers. Or on the other hand in a similar measure of time send 20 customized messages and get 15-20 answers? You can see it now as well, huh? Everything’s tied in with interfacing on an individual level, look proficient and utilize good judgment. Do this and you will acquire openness for your music, underground beats, hiphop beats and so forth. You should simply apply these mysteries to work your stream over the banging’ hiphop instrumental they make that can get individuals’ bodies moving. On the off chance that your music can do this, you can make certain to cause your crowd to recall you.

When you’re a robber, and you will fell in love with another robber. Will it succeed?

It is pretty challenging to experiment in a new genre and hit the screen as expected. Romantic thrillers belong to one such segment. A new movie from our Telugu screen industry Kanulukanulanudhochayante has hit the screens; DesinghPeriyasamy directs this movie.

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The movie has plenty of wow scenes and an ample amount of capacity to hold us in a single position on the chair. The cast has done some fantastic works on-screen with the quality essence of romance. Instead of a romantic genre, it has maintained its thriller section in a consolidated manner.

Siddharth (Dulquer Salmaan) is an app developer who coincidentally falls in love with Meera (Ritu Varma), a girl next door. Then he tries to woo Meera, and in doing so, his friend Kallis(Rakshan) bolster him up. Ultimately this thing works, and Siddharth proposes to Meera, and surprisingly she accepts the proposal and gets into a relationship with Siddharth. Kallis also gets along with Meera’s friend, and now they four are a happy couple together. But the real turn out of the play is that Siddharth and Kallis are not techies; they are scammer who makes money fleecing electronic companies through an eCommerce website, but they managed to keep this concealed from their beloved and decides to settle down in Goa with their girlfriends. A cop who has personal grudges against these two formulates a plan to take down these two in Goa. DCP Pratap Sinha (Gautham Menon) is the one who is in charge.

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You can watch jakkanna movie for free

Jakkanna is a crazy southindiantelugu movie which was shot by Vamshi Krishna Akella. Sunil has given his best performance in this movie as it was his come back! He has given his best efforts in making this film the best in his career. This movie has got really good response on the field and even with the crickets. This movie was made in 2016 where it was commonly known. All the technical Aspects also were at the best level. So do watch these amazing free movie online. Watch Jakkanna Movie online on Aha!


Jakkanna is a young guy who’s happening! He loves to live his life at the fullest. If anyone helps him for anything, Jakkanna repays it immediately with complete attention. He can not put someone’s favour in life. He actually initiated this kind of nature from childhood. So he comes to vizag on the purpose of searching. He searches for a person in vizag. At that point he meets sahasra. Who does Yoga and wants to be physically fit. There will be lots of comedy elements where sapthagiri is involved. There will be a powerful don personality in Vizag called Bairagi, he is wild and very powerful. He doesn’t reveal his identity to anyone but he will get things done within mins! All the big shots are his friends and followers. So one day Bairagi saves Jakkanna. As he will repay it immediately, Jakkanna puts him through the trouble and saves him again. The whole story goes on this way as he tries to save him and puts through big troubles and rivalry begins.

Technical Asset:

  • Sunil’s comeback has been planned quite big and it’s one one of those hits which has an incredible story. This movie is all about fun, comedy, and revenge. Basically is a good family entertainer.
  • Emotions are mostly built upon the music and background music. They have been justified. Audience properly could connect to the music properly.
  • The whole dialogues and comedy punches are excellent. They were just blast one or the other. A continuous punch is an asset!
  • The cinematography is decent enough to people watch

Artist Performance:

  • Sunil is always and forever your favorite comedian but as a hero also he has been proving himself while choosing the movie and also with the comedy element.
  • Mannara Chopra was glamorous and her acting was also wonderful.
  • Saptharigi’s punches and his dialogues are highlighted in the movie. Without him this movie would be busy! 

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Sunil

Actress: Mannara Chopra

Other actors: Harsha, Chaithanya, Sapthagiri

Director: Krishna Akella

Action: Dragon Prakash

Art Director: K.K. Muralidharan

Banner: RPA creations

Producer: Sudharshan Reddy

Music: Dinesh


Editing: M. R. Varma

Story By: Krishna Akella

Dialogues by: Bhawaniprasad Mishra

Other information:

Runtime: 145 Mins

Release date: 29 july 2016

Genre: Comedy, Drama

Box Office:  Rs 12.25 crore

Watch Jakkanna movie to have fun and make the most of your family time. Free movies online are the best choice alway!